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4-Foot Wooden Digital Clock 


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4-Foot Wooden Digital Clock 

Written By: Wes 


Need to know what time it is, but don't own a phone, computer, microwave, or any of the 
other 100 clocks you probably already have? How about a huge mahogany digital clock to 
prove your geek prowess? 

Step 1 — 4-Foot Wooden Digital Clock 

• Get some wood. I chose mahogany. 

• Create a template for your 7-segment digit. 

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4-Foot Wooden Digital Clock 

Step 2 

• Use a scroll saw to cut the LED segments out of the wood. 

• Use a plunge router to hollow out the back side of the wood. 

• Stain the top side of the wood. I used a satin poly. 

Step 3 

• Connect the digits together using brass tubes and super glue. 

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4-Foot Wooden Digital Clock 

Step 4 

• Get some plexiglass and cut pieces to the shape of the LED segments. (I used the scroll 
saw for this.) 

Step 5 

• Get a few LEDs (I used blue 5mm). 

• Drill holes in the edge of the plexiglass. 

• Super-glue the LEDs into the holes. 

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4-Foot Wooden Digital Clock 

Step 6 

• Paint the back and edges of the LED segments with metallic paint. 

• Sand the front of the LED segments. The scratches will diffuse the light. 

• Apply some voltage. 

Step 7 

• Take 2 thin sheets of plexiglass and sandwich rice paper between them. 

• Hot-glue the LED segments to the plexiglass. 

• Solder wires to all of the LEDs. 

• Hot-glue the plexiglass to the inside of the digits. 

• Connect each of the LED segments to a ULN2003A, and a 74HC595 chip. See the 
schematic. I also added a 220ohm resistor per LED. 

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4-Foot Wooden Digital Clock 

Step 8 

• Connect the chips to an Arduino and use the time library to "ShiftOut" the time to the 

• Stand back (way back) and check the time. 

• Put it up on your cubicle for all your fellow drones to admire! 

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